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Founded in 2013, Circle Adventures is an urban travel company that offers meticulously-crafted and professionally-led city tours – perfect for any traveler who wants a unique and authentic experience.

About UsWhether it’s joining the morning commute, enjoying a beer in a local home, playing with kids in the street, or discussing politics with a shop-owner, Circle Adventures tours have plugged over 2,500 travelers into the heart of the city.

Each tour is curated to mimic the vibe of the city and mirror the way locals see it – we do this through no-holds-bar discussion as we show you the city’s most interesting and lesser-known sides. In addition, to opening up a city to travelers, Circle Adventures works hand in hand with local enterprises to create a micro economy by supporting small local businesses.

Our company was created by professional guides, with the aim to give travelers an experience that no tourist have had before.

The ConceptThe Concept

We believe that there is more to a city than any map, classic tour or guide book can show you.

The concept behind Circle Adventures attests to this belief showing travelers the streets, the people, the way locals buy their vegetables, where they eat and unwind, the way they communicate and work – this is where genuine perspective is found and this is what we are aiming for.

The goal of every Circle Adventure tour is no small task –to sum up a city in one day, and for people to leave with an understanding that is usually reserved for locals.


Join us, we are changing the way of travel, one city tour at time.