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Best Walking Tour in Rome


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Circle Rome

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Circle Rome
Circle RomeCircle RomeCircle RomeCircle RomeCircle RomeCircle Rome

Product Description

In a perfect world, we would all get to experience the real Roma, while aimlessly wondering around, with a big glass of wine in our hand.  But the truth is, everything real in Rome, is really hard to find. Yes, the city is an open-air museum of ancient civilization, but the best exhibit is actually local Roman life.  The city is modern and hip, and it is always comfortable in its old skin. It doesn’t matter how many hot-spots sprout up in Rome, or how many hipsters flood in, the white-haired nonnas stay put. Romans aren’t afraid of the passing of time; they buy from the same butcher for 30 years and still call everyone on their street by name.

Join us and discover the lesser-known neighborhoods, where tradition and trend are stirred together. This city does not disguise who it was in past, or who it might be tomorrow, Rome always knows who it is, and we can’t wait to introduce you!

Note: Circle Rome does not overlap nor include the usual tourist sites, such as famous neighborhoods (e.g. Vatican City, Colosseum), historical landmarks or museums.


Circle Rome is a full day tour from 09:30 am until 6:00 pm included food. Your day will not run with a strict schedule, but you may expect the following.

  • explore diverse and unique neighbourhoods (non/less-touristy) of Rome.
  • taste lots of local snacks, treats and lunch (included in the price).
  • meet with interesting Romans in their shops, schools, workplaces, and/or homes.
  • catch the rhythm of life in off-beat food markets and gathering places.
  • experience the best of Rome’s secret streets, paths and side-streets.
  • enjoy plenty of local drinks (included in the price).
  • travel with a maximum of 8 people on the tour, and an outspoken, experienced local guide.
  • do plenty of walking (7-8 km in total) with lots of breaks.

Meeting Point

Circle Rome runs every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Our meeting point is Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere. We will email you the instructions for our meeting point once you complete your booking.

1 review for Circle Rome

  1. 5 out of 5

    What a fantastic way of exploring this city! We (my wife and I) were actually the first customers of Circle Rome and had a wonderful tour with Simone. We did quite a bit a walking in different neighborhoods and ate tons of delicious food. We would never ventured into these areas on our own and it was great to hear honest insights from Simone. We left the day with so many beautiful photos and different memories. I highly recommend the Circle Rome tour to travelers interested in culture. It was a wonderful experience!

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