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Meet our local guides, tour leaders and people behind Circle Adventures.

Xavi Parrilla / Barcelona
Xavi studied Law and Journalism at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona before moving to Geneva where he worked at an international news agency. He loves spending his time immersed in other cultures and speaks Catalan, Spanish, English, French and German.
Montse Marques / Barcelona
Montse is a trained scriptwriter with a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, making her the perfect person to weave together the sights, sounds and stories of Barcelona. She spent a number of years living abroad before realizing there’s nowhere quite like her home city.
Polat Korkmaz / Istanbul
Polat is a certified professional guide and has been leading tours in and out of Turkey for the past 14 years. His passion for his country, knowledge of its history, and friendly, outspoken nature has given him a well-deserved reputation and made him one of the most sought-after guides in the city.
Ozcan Davascan / Istanbul
Ozcan is a certified professional guide and has been leading tours in Istanbul and around Turkey for the past 5 years. He is a natural leader and sees the city like no one else, bringing together his creativity, knowledge, and open-mindedness into an unforgettable experience.
Vanessa Fou / Athens
Vanessa is an Athenian who is passionate about food, culture, music, people, social movements and everything that makes Athens, Athens! While not a certified guide, she’s been in the travel and tour business since 2006 and speaks 4 languages.
Dimitris Tsamantanis / Athens
Dimitris is your man when it comes to food and politics! He has studied International and European Political Studies and speaks English, French, German and a little Italian. While he’s not a certified guide, his passion for his city is infectious and he can’t wait to share his favorite spots with you!
Marion Geli / Paris
Born and raised in the French Riviera, Marion has been a tour leader for 4 years, specializing in the many artistic and cultural aspects of Paris. As a performing artist, a day out with Marion is never boring. Ask her about Edith Piaf, Aznavour or Joséphine Baker and get ready for a soundtrack to your journey.
Alex Gourevitch / Paris
Born and raised in Paris, Alex has been running walking tours for over a decade. He specializes in the city’s storied history and politics, so if you’re looking to take a trip down the cobbled streets of the hidden Paris, Alex is the man to take you there.
Simone Vitti / Rome
Simone was born and raised in the Eternal City and developed a deep love for its stories and people from his father, a history teacher. After studying in the U.S, he returned home and has since dedicated his life to sharing his passion for the city as a professional tour guide.
Kate More
Kate is a professional sommelier and freelance food & drink journalist who consults with Tripian on all things food and drink. She is a lifelong world traveller and also happens to be Cenan’s wife.